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John's Plumbing and Rooter is Apple Valley's most trusted plumbing professional. Our licensed and bonded team of plumbers have years of experience providing plumbing services to business owners, residents, commercial property managers, and others in Apple Valley. As a local company, we're here to help our community.

If you need a no-cost estimate for any plumbing repairs, installations, or replacements in Apple Valley, please do not think twice to call John's Plumbing and Rooter today!

About Us

John's Plumbing and Rooter is a knowledgeable plumbing specialist that partners with both residential and commercial clients in Apple Valley, California. We simplify plumbing replacement, installation, and repair work services by providing all plumbing solutions in a single location.

We provide complimentary price quotes, quality guarantees, and after-hours assistance to all of our customers. Our staff has access to the industry's most advanced plumbing equipment and techniques. For more information about John's Plumbing and Rooter, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Our Plumbing Services in Apple Valley

Are you questioning what kind of plumbing services we can provide to Apple Valley business owners and residents? Let's explore our most popular plumbing service lines below:

PEX Piping Installation in Apple Valley

PEX piping is a contemporary piping material that's flexible, anti-corrosive, and capable of managing a range of temperatures. If you're searching for an affordable alternative to copper piping, PEX piping is one of the most popular choices in Apple Valley. We can install or change PEX piping for our Apple Valley clients.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Apple Valley

If you have a garbage disposal unit that's refusing to switch on or neglecting to break down food waste, our garbage disposal repair team can correct the issue. We can check your disposal unit to diagnose any mechanical concerns. If your appliance is no longer viable, we also provide full-service garbage disposal replacements to our Apple Valley customers!

Sewer Line Replacement in Apple Valley

If you want to replace a sewer line in Apple Valley, our plumbers have the skills and expertise to perform the task quickly. We'll ensure you have a brand-new sewer line in no time!

Water Heaters in Apple Valley

Providing warm water to your home is vital. At John's Plumbing and Rooter, we can install, fix, and replace water heaters for our customers in Apple Valley. We have access to the market's top-performing devices!

Hydro-Jetting Services in Apple Valley

If you want to use an alternative drain cleaning technique that can remove hard-to-budge blockages in your pipes, hydro-jetting is an excellent solution. This drain cleaning technique utilizes high-pressure water to force out blockages in your property's drainage pipes. Our hydro-jetting professionals will simplify the process of clearing your drains!

Leak Detection Services in Apple Valley

Whether you need to identify a water leak or gas leak, our team is here to help. We can recognize hard-to-reach leaks throughout your house. This being said, if you think there is a gas leak in your house, please leave the property and contact emergency services before you call us.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Apple Valley

If you wish to prevent food waste from causing clogs in your kitchen sink, a garbage disposal unit is a cost-efficient solution. We can install industry-leading garbage disposal units in your home to ensure you can break down food waste before it enters your drains. Our crew will take care of the garbage disposal installation process from start to finish!

Sewer Line Repair in Apple Valley

It's critical to call our crew right away (even if it's after-hours) if you're experiencing signs of sewer line leaks, backups, or obstructions. We'll work quickly to contain your sewer line problem, avoid property damage, and repair the source of the issue. Our staff can fix any kind of residential or business sewer line in Apple Valley!

Pipe Repair in Apple Valley

If you have a pipe leak or obstruction, we can provide pipe repair services to our clients in Apple Valley, California. We'll inspect your pipes to ensure that we're fixing the source of any vulnerabilities or leaks.

Copper Re-piping in Apple Valley

It's difficult to find a better piping product than copper. This metal continues to be a popular option with many Apple Valley homeowners. Our copper re-piping professionals are here to help if you're searching for a durable piping product that's proven to last decades.

We can remove your existing copper piping and install a new pipe system in your home. Our staff is here to make the entire process straightforward!

Drain Cleaning in Apple Valley

Cleaning your drains can do a lot more than improve your drainage, it can likewise ensure that backed up water pressure does not burst your drainpipes or cause other issues. We use safe drain cleaning methods to ensure that your drains don't suffer any damage.

If you're prepared to explore the advantages of clean drainpipes, it's time to contact John's Plumbing and Rooter!

Additional Plumbing Services in Apple Valley

While the above 12 services represent our most popular plumbing service lines, we pride ourselves on being a highly adaptable team of plumbers. Below are some additional plumbing services we provide to our customers:

  • General Plumbing
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • General Pipe Replacement (All Piping Materials).

Call John's Plumbing and Rooter today if you don't see the plumbing service that you require. We're always happy to handle customized projects from our Apple Valley clients!

Upfront and Affordable Pricing-- 100% of the Time!

At John's Plumbing and Rooter, we believe that no one ought to suffer from surprise fees and charges. To guarantee that all our customers have confidence in our pricing, we provide no-obligation price quotes to all Apple Valley homeowners and business owners.

Call John's Plumbing and Rooter for Free Apple Valley Plumbing Estimates!

If you're ready to access any of our plumbing services in Apple Valley, please call our office today to discuss your needs. We're always here to help our local customers!

Comprehensive Plumbing Services

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5 star ratingJoe did Fantastic work!  He was quick and did quality work!  He fixed everything that another plumber came in and did completely wrong.  He used quality hardware and products.  I highly recommend this company to everyone in the high desert.

Cindy W. Avatar
Cindy W.

5 star ratingJohn's Plumbing is excellent! After calling several other plumbers who wanted to charge outrageous fees just to come out, he told us no way, that's way too much. Needless to say we asked them to come out and Joe was here within 30 minutes and fixed the issue within 10. If any other issue comes up, Joe is our man.

Loretta C. Avatar
Loretta C.

5 star ratingI've owned my house for 27 years and have the same 2 water heaters that were installed when I purchased my home.  Last night, there was no hot water in the back of the house.  I called John's plumbing on a Saturday.  There is NO charge for an estimate.  They came in 45 minutes.  John's son, Joe, was very professional.  He replaced a part and did not try to sell me a new water heater, which I appreciated.The bill was $165.  Perfect.  Great service, very professional, highly recommended. When I need to replace my water heater, I definitely will call John to do it.

Margy P. Avatar
Margy P.
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